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To take good care of your pets

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18 Фев 2014

So cute,right?
Do you want to take a better care of your pets ?
Now i share two awesome products with you, which will let your pets get more pleasant feelings。

Pet Dog Multifunctional Bath Shower Head Massage Shampoo Sprayer

Healthy pet with bright and clean hair are always popular. To keep pets in good health condition, pay more attention on the environment and feeding is not enough, another key point is that we should give the pet shower timely and correctly. Research shows 40% of pet skin disease are caused by the residual shampoo and water. So, a proper shower ware is very necessary.
This multifunctional shower head aims at making your pet healthy. You dog can have shower and massage at the same time. It clean your dog's hair and skin thoroughly and keep the hair tidily. Keep your pet away from skin disease!

Environmental-friendly and efficient!
This multifunctional shower integrates massage, shower and shampoo together. It's more convenient to resolve the shampoo and clean the skin thoroughly. Practice shows bathing the same dog, using this shower can save 50% water and 40% shampoo and half of the usual time.

Fun and relax both for you and your pet!
Giving pet a shower is always a trouble for pet owners. People have to use one hand to hold the pet and the other hand to control the shower, after wetting the pet they can't daub the shampoo smoothly. Now, this shower can solve your problem totally. You can daub shampoo, shower and massage for your pet just by one hand! Flexible massage pins are suitable for all hair. No matter in the garden or bathroom, you and your pet will be pleased and relax!Material: ABS, TPE

Metal hose length: 120cm
Metal hose connector diameter: 2cm(dia)
Color: pink,blue

INCLUDED: 1x Shower head, 4x hose connectors(adaptors)

Price:$12.99 (Best price for new product!)
Free shipping
Deal Link: http://www.newfrog.c...blue-76139.html

Pet Small Dog Puppy Cat Kitten Milk Nursing Care Feeding Bottle Set

100% brand new and high quality
Especially designed for small puppies, kittens, small rabbits of newborn and about 1 month old.
With scale on the surface of the bottle to control daily feeding volume.
With a special brush to easily clear the inside of the bottle.
Soft, environmental-friendly, non-toxic nipple, safe for your pet!Material: safe plastic
Capacity: 50ml
Color: transparent

INCLUDED: 1x milk bottle , 1x spare nipple , 1x brush

Price:$2.45(Best price for new product!)
Free Shipping
Deal Link: http://www.newfrog.c...-set-76176.html

Your pets are waiting for you at home~~~

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