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What is not serving Facebook ads?



26 Дек 2017
Every organization that runs PR on Facebook wants to get the most results. The situation of not providing Facebook ads is one of the problems that gives advertisers a lot of headaches after the rejected ads are processed. When advertising is not delivered, all the goals the company sets are meaningless. What is the cause of this problem and how to fix it? Please refer to the article below, Optimal FB experts will share more detailed information about this issue.

What are undelivered Facebook ads?
The English name is Facebook Ad not delivering, which means that active PR is not produced to the intended target audience. This phenomenon is also known as the error of not paying for Facebook advertising. You may also receive information from Facebook that your ad is not being served.

If your campaign, advertising group or advertising is in a state of not producing Facebook ads, then your ads will mostly receive or receive very few impressions or clicks on the ad. This happens with all new ads or ads that have been running in the past.

In case you want to check whether your ad is being delivered or not, go to Ads Manager and look at the Deliver column. The status of Facebook advertising not serving occurs for many different reasons. Understanding the cause of this problem will help you have effective solutions.

Reasons why Facebook advertising is not provided
PR on Facebook is still under consideration
The Facebook team will review all ads before approving ads for display online. If you want your ad to be approved quickly, you need to make sure it complies with Facebook's policies and service terms.

The review process includes using modern technology and manual review by Facebook's support team. All ads will be approved within 24 hours, but in some cases, the approval time will be longer.

The promotion has been scheduled in advance or the article has been advertised at the present time. You should not adjust any elements in your post until your ad is approved. Because if you change it, the approval order will be redone.

PR was rejected
One of the reasons why your ads fall into a state of not having Facebook ads appear. If your ad does not comply with Facebook's policies, the ad will be rejected and will not be provided to your criteria.

If this happens, you will receive an email explaining why your ad was rejected. You can do this by checking your ad status in Ads Manager.

There are many reasons why ads are rejected: content contains prohibited words, sensitive images or violates copyright. Promote products or services that are banned on Facebook or have problems with grammar/punctuation or use inappropriate terms.

Because the ad has reached the account's spending limit
This issue occurs when the advertiser sets a spending freeze on the account. This is the spending threshold set for all advertising campaigns run from your account. Setting a spending limit for your account helps control your spending activities and optimize your budget. Once your advertising price has reached this limit, your Facebook ads will be blocked and will no longer be distributed.

Bidding was too good
Not having Facebook ads can happen because you set your budget or bid too low. When you set up a target audience, you tell Facebook what audience the platform should serve to promote.

If you over-optimize your PR budget, Facebook will reduce the amount of ads it displays to each audience. This causes you to gain little or almost any significant data.

For example, if you set a daily budget of $3, Facebook's algorithm will not be able to determine whether your advertising is effective or not. That is the reason why Facebook ads are not distributed.

Target audience is too detailed
Although targeting a specific audience will help your ads reach high-quality leads and increase conversion rates. However, if you set your advertising target to an audience that is too narrow, there is a high possibility that Facebook ads will not be produced.

Facebook requires advertising to target a fixed audience of at least 1,000 customers. At that time, the variables used to target the target audience are not targeting many people or your user list is not as large as expected. That can cause your advertising to be limited.

Promotion is still in the review stage
This is one of the reasons why your campaign is in a state of not providing Facebook ads. In the Learning Machine process, Facebook starts analyzing and optimizing your campaign to find out who should serve the best ads. After the ad is approved by Facebook and goes through the Review process, the ad will be delivered to the target audience you set.

Promoted linked article is not available
If your promoted post link is not available, it is also one of the reasons why the Facebook ad is not distributed. Including: the post has been deleted, you do not have permission to view the post or the advertisement contains an expired program/event. You are using a post that cannot be used in Facebook advertising. Or can't find the product you're promoting because the product ID is missing or the product set is out of stock. The article is a share post so no one can promote it except the owner.

However, there are some other reasons why your Facebook ads are not working, specifically: low ad interaction index, problems with ad scheduling or choosing the wrong optimization target, widely repeated auctions,…

How to overcome the situation of not providing Facebook ads
Based on the initial steps of making Facebook ads that are not provided, there will be appropriate solutions:

Schedule dissemination
If your advertising problem is still under consideration, you should plan and run your advertising in advance by going to the Budget and schedule section in the advertising team setting section. Next, select the start date and end date for the PR to be approved by Facebook Team. This is so as not to affect the timing of the promotion and reach more potential customers.

Edit ads to comply with Facebook policies
What if the origin of the ad is not provided on Facebook due to policy violation and the ad is rejected. The solution is to review the advertising content and Fanpage to see if there are elements that violate Facebook's policies and terms. If so, please edit the ad to ensure compliance with the policy so that the ad is approved and distributed to target buyers.

Change and stop spending on the account
The reason why the lack of Facebook advertising occurs is due to stop spending. Please change, reset or remove your advertising account spending limit. By accessing Ad Manager then selecting Settings and selecting Billing and Payment Methods. Then go to the account's spending limit and the amount spent in total. When you upgrade, reset or completely delete, your ads will continue to be served to users.

increase your budget or broadcast bid
Make sure your budget and bid are high enough so that the Facebook algorithm has the best advertising optimization time. Instead of setting a daily budget, you can set a lifetime budget. In this way, Facebook will spend your budget when needed and evenly distribute the amount throughout the entire duration of the advertising campaign.

Target a broader audience
This is one of the most effective ways to solve the problem of not providing Facebook ads. You should expand your audience reach by adding more behaviors or preferences when setting up your target audience. At the same time, edit geographical location restrictions and other factors to add more people to your friend list. Or you can choose not to target audience targeting factors so that Facebook's algorithm will automatically provide and optimize the audience file over time.

Use a Facebook Ads account with high trust
The success of a Facebook advertising campaign during setup depends greatly on the reliability of your account with Facebook. Therefore, when running ads on Facebook, you should use an account with high trust to run the campaign.

If you want to own a quality advertising account, rent Optimal FB's Facebook Ads Agency account. As a senior partner of Facebook, when you rent our account you will enjoy the lowest fees on the market and many attractive promotions. You will have many options for advertising accounts and will not be limited in spending.

All of our advertising accounts are carefully checked so you can be completely assured about the quality of the account. Set up a green camp, earn a lot of money, promote fast approval and optimal bid, account is rarely locked. Using our account you can develop many Facebook Ads campaigns with large budgets.

When you rent our account, you will be accompanied by experts and supported 24/7. Set up a free account, set up a camp (if needed), wrap links VPCS has a safe and effective internal link wrapping system, answer content, optimize PR. We also support new Page levels with extremely promotional prices, and account issues that violate policies will be thoroughly handled. For more detailed information about the supplier and to receive the most affordable quote, please contact hotline: +84564104104 today!

During the process of setting up an advertising campaign, you need to reset the device, the operating system and the network IP. This will facilitate a convenient camp stage and PR will be approved quickly and distributed to the target audience as quickly as possible. Not only that, you can use software to maintain network IP stability: VPS, Ads Power,...

At this point, you better understand the problem of not distributing Facebook ads and how to fix it effectively. Hopefully the detailed answers above will help you deploy successful Facebook Ads campaigns and achieve the best results!

Are you in need of Facebook advertising or need to rent a quality Facebook advertising account? Don't worry! Optimal FB is a unit specializing in providing reputable Facebook accounts, as well as direct advertising support. Provides all types of advertising accounts such as facebook dropship ads to help you reach and create fast conversions.

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