***Links Policy Clarifications***

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***Links Policy Clarifications***
Date: 09/02/04 Time: 05:53:18 PM PDT

With the introduction of a number of eBay Stores enhancements over the past few months, including Custom Headers and Custom Pages, we are adding a new section to the eBay Links Policy to help sellers better understand what links are permitted within their eBay Store. Please note the following changes that are effective today:
Links within eBay Stores
The links that sellers may include on their eBay Store home page or other Store Custom Pages are listed below:

  • Links to your email address that enable potential buyers to ask questions via email about items in your store.
    Links to your on-eBay pages and items.
    Up to 10 links to other sellers’ eBay Store pages, as long as you have the permission of those other sellers.
    Links to off-eBay pages that provide information about your store or service; however, the pages may not advertise any specific off-eBay items or contain any links to pages that offer items off-eBay.
We will also no longer allow new eBay Store names to be a URL (i.e. a Web address such as www.yourstorename.com). Existing Store sellers who have a URL as their store name will be exempt from this change.

Any links other than those listed above are not permitted.