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Donetsk, Ukraine
Вот реклама, обнаруженная на AuctionSniper'е. Возможно, кому-то будет интересно.

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Buying Manager is a complete site to help you organize your searching and buying on eBay. Make your eBay purchasing easier using our wide array of features you can't find anywhere else. Our powerful searching features help you find more of the things you want to buy in less time. Then once you win them we help you keep organized so you get those items faster and have the records you need after the sale is complete.

No download required, entirely automatic your computer doesn't need to be on!
Use folders to organize your watches, bids, searches, and wins.
Save time with Search Groups by running multiple searches at the same time and getting the items back in one list.
Our Instamail feature emails the seller for you with your template so you get your items faster and with less work.
Enhanced search results that include shipping, sellers userId and more!
Use our Bid Group feature to bid on many of the same item from different sellers, but win only one.
Export your data for use in other applications such as Excel or Access.
Tracks your auctions and notifies you if you are outbid by email or on your cell phone.
Use our search wizard to create more accurate search results.
Receive an email message when a rare item is listed on eBay.
Save money on shipping by using our contingency bidding feature.
Inexpensive - You are only charged when you win, a modest fee of 1% or less. More...