Sellers Can Choose Whether to Allow Payment Total to be Edit

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***Coming Soon: Sellers Can Choose Whether to Allow Payment Total to be Edited***
Date: 08/25/04 Time: 03:13:19 PM PDT

We will soon introduce the ability for sellers to choose whether to make the total payment amount for an item editable or not. This will give sellers more flexibility with their listings.
Prior to this change, the payment total could be edited for any item if the buyer used the "Seller discounts or charges" field on the Review Purchase page of the payment process. In the next few days, by setting the "Buyer Edit Option" to "off", sellers will be able to not allow this field to appear, as long as they have stated the shipping cost for the item or have used the Shipping Calculator.

This option can be found within your preferences in My eBay. To get there:

Click on My eBay at the top of almost any eBay page
Under "My Account", click "eBay Preferences"
Under "Seller Preferences", select "Payment Preferences". The third section will be called "Buyer Edit Option".
To set the option to "off", simply uncheck the box next to "Allow my buyers to edit the total during payment to account for additional costs or discounts".

Note: In some cases, such as if you offer special services or discounts that you want buyers to optionally add during checkout, it may be beneficial to allow buyers to edit the total payment amount.