***Customizable Columns on Search Results and Listings Pages

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***Coming Soon: Customizable Columns on Search Results and Listings Pages***
Date: 10/14/04 Time: 01:21:29 PM PDT

In the next few days, we will be introducing a new optional feature that members can use to customize the information shown on search results and listings pages. Soon you will be able to add or remove columns on the page which contain information you want to see.
For example, you will be able to choose to display columns containing details such as the item number or shipping cost, right on the search results and listings pages, rather than having to click into every Item page for this information. You can also choose the order in which the columns will appear on the page. For members who choose to display a large number of columns, you will have the option of displaying the item title in its own row, making the information for each item easier to read.

Certain columns will be automatically displayed when members sort by a particular criteria. For example, if you chose to sort items by Distance, the Distance column will be shown during that sort, even if it is not included in your customized display.

To preview this new feature, please click here.

To customize your columns once this feature has been introduced, click the Customize Display link on these pages. This link will be appear to the right of the page, above the list of items. Please note: if you do not choose to customize your columns, your search results and listing pages will default to the current display seen today, with the addition of a “PayPal” column used to display the PayPal icon in a format that is easier to scan.


в кратце: скоро можно будет настраивать, какие именно колонки должны быть видны в листингах и в результатах поиска. Ура!