Coming Soon: Transition to New Unpaid Item Process

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***Coming Soon: Transition to New Unpaid Item Process***
Date: 07/06/04 Time: 11:03:23 AM PDT

As previously announced in May, eBay has been developing a new Unpaid Item process (formerly referred to as the Non Paying Buyer Process). This new process is the latest in a line of initiatives eBay is pursuing to help sellers experience even more successful transactions with a minimum number of unpaid items.
On July 12, 2004 the old Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) process will be removed and replaced with the new Unpaid Item process. During this transition, all NPB alerts filed prior to July 12th will be migrated to the new system and members will be unable to use the NPB process for a few hours while we complete the transition.

In preparation for these changes, we encourage members to familiarize themselves with the new Unpaid Item process by taking the Unpaid Item tour and reading the Frequently Asked Questions. Some of the features of the new process include:

New buyer and seller communication system, where members involved in an Unpaid Item transaction can communicate directly with each other right on the eBay site to help complete the transaction. Since buyers and sellers communicate via the eBay site, the risk of buyers not seeing payment reminder emails is reduced.

New Unpaid Item 'Dispute Console' for sellers to better track and take action on their Unpaid Items.

Shorter waiting period for Final Value Fee credits – from 17 days to 14 days or fewer – and an immediate filing option if both the buyer and seller mutually agree not to complete the transaction.

Immediate one-step Final Value Fee credits in the event sellers encounter suspended buyers or buyers from a country to which sellers designate via checkbox in Sell Your Item (or other listing tools) they won't ship. Subscribers to Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro will continue to be able to file Unpaid Item reminders and Final Value Fee credits in bulk. This bulk process has been modified to incorporate the new features of the Unpaid Item process. We have also made the new process available to third party listing and hosting services.
We’d like to thank the Community for providing feedback and encourage you to continue sending us your comments to [email protected]



Крутой иБаер
Donetsk, Ukraine
Насколько я понимаю, ничего кардинально не меняется. Несколько мелких изменений, да?