***Coming Soon: Send Invoice and Pay Now Button Enhancements

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***Coming Soon: Send Invoice and Pay Now Button Enhancements***
Date: 08/30/04 Time: 11:14:54 AM PDT

Sending an invoice to your buyer after your listing has ended has shown to be a very effective way to provide them with all the details they need to make their payment.
Currently sellers can only use the Send Invoice feature through eBay if they have chosen to display the Pay Now button on their listings, allowing buyers to go through the payment process. However, there are several reasons why a seller may not want buyers to use the Pay Now button right away, such as when the seller won’t know the shipping costs until after the listing ends. To provide more flexibility to these sellers, we will be introducing a few enhancements in the next week.

Once these have been introduced, any seller will be able to send an invoice to their buyer through eBay, regardless of whether the Pay Now button is initially displayed in their listings (you can choose whether or not to display the button in your preferences within My eBay). This will not affect members who already choose to display the Pay Now button. For those who don’t, it will appear on the listing only after you have sent an invoice to your buyer. If you combine several items into one invoice, the Pay Now button will appear on all included listings. You can send an invoice from within My eBay or from the item page itself, and doing so is completely optional.

This enhanced Send Invoice feature will be replacing the current Payment Reminder option. The invoice already contains the information that is included in a Payment Reminder, as well as more options for sellers. Please note that the enhanced invoices will not be available for Motors Vehicles, Real Estate, or Live Auctions at this time.