***Coming Soon: Seller’s Other Items Page Enhancements***

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***Coming Soon: Seller’s Other Items Page Enhancements***
Date: 09/09/04 Time: 04:44:26 PM PDT

Currently, buyers are unable to search on Seller’s Other Items pages and must scroll through the full list of a seller’s listings to find those in which they’re interested. Within a few weeks, we will be adding the same search options that are currently found on the left-hand side of listing results pages, including a search box, matching categories, and filters. These search options will help buyers narrow down the seller’s listings easily and find items more quickly.
Other enhancements to Seller’s Other Items:

The Seller Information Box, which appears on every item page with the seller’s User ID, feedback score, etc. will be displayed on the left-hand side of the page.
Buyers will be able to save seller-specific searches directly from the page.
In addition, to make it easier for buyers to search for items from a specific seller, a new optional field called “Items from seller” will be added to the Search Options section on listings results pages. Buyers who only want to see items from a certain seller will be able to fill in the User ID of that seller to go directly to their Seller’s Other Items page. To display this field on your listing results pages once the enhancements have been introduced, please:

Click on the “Customize” link in the Search Options section
Add “Items from seller” to “Options you want displayed”.
“Items from seller” will also appear on the Seller’s Other Items pages with the seller’s User ID pre-filled.

Please note: these changes apply to the default Seller’s Other Items page only. The text-only version of Seller’s Other Items will not be impacted.

For more information about these enhancements, please see our preview. We have also started a thread on the Seller Central discussion board for members to leave their feedback about the changes. Please click here to access this thread.