***Coming Soon -- Picture Show Upgrade To Make Your Pictures

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***Coming Soon -- Picture Show Upgrade To Make Your Pictures More Visible***
Date: 11/01/04 Time: 11:35:31 AM PST

In the next few weeks we will be introducing Picture Show, a new listing upgrade to increase the visibility and impact of pictures in your listings.
If you select Picture Show in your listing, it will be located at the top of the item page. Buyers will be able to browse through a slideshow of multiple pictures, either manually, or as an automatic slideshow.

When you list with multiple pictures and select Picture Show, all of your pictures will be viewable in the slideshow player. Sellers using eBay Picture Services will be able to include up to 12 pictures in Picture Show. Sellers who self-host their pictures will be able to include up to six pictures. Sellers choosing the Supersize picture upgrade will be able to display their pictures as a Supersize slideshow. Buyers can see an extra large view of the pictures by clicking on the Supersize link on the Picture Show player, which will launch the Supersize version of Picture Show in a separate window.

Picture Show will be priced at $0.25 per listing and will also be included as part of Picture Pack, which is a part of the [urlhttp://pages.ebay.com/sell/pictureservices/?ssPageName=CMDV:AB]eBay Picture Services[/url] suite.

After Picture Show is available, we will discontinue the current Slide Show upgrade. Active listings that include Slide Show will continue to display the feature as long as they remain active. Once Picture Show is available, if you relist a listing that includes Slide Show, that option will be removed automatically from the listing prior to submission and the Slide Show fee will not be applied.

For a preview of Picture Show, please click here.