***Coming Soon: New Return Policy Feature in SYI***

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***Coming Soon: New Return Policy Feature in SYI***
Date: 10/14/04 Time: 11:12:48 AM PDT

In the next few days, we will introduce an improved way for sellers to display their return policies on the Item page. Having a return policy helps build confidence for potential buyers and improves sales for sellers.
The new feature will provide a separate section on the Sell Your Item (SYI) form, where sellers can include details of their return policies. The new feature will enable sellers to specify:

whether they accept returns;
the time period for returning items;
the type of refund offered to the buyer (for example, exchange, money back, merchant credit, etc.);
any additional details about the return policy.
Sellers who take advantage of the new feature will have their return policies displayed in a designated section of the Item page. Using this feature is completely optional. The new return policy section will not appear on the Item page if a seller chooses not to have a return policy.

We've heard from buyers that having an "easy, no-hassle" return policy was one of the most important changes an eBay seller could make to encourage buyers to shop more. We've found that sellers who clearly spell out their return policy have received a higher sell-through rate, on average, with only a minimum of actual returns. We hope these changes to the way the return policy is displayed on the Item page will improve the eBay experience for both buyers and sellers.

For more information about the feature, please see the return policy preview page or read our Frequently Asked Questions.


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